Our Outdoor Arena and our Indoor Arena are both available for rent on open dates. Please contact us for available dates and rental rates. 

Contact Rich at: 610-823-3545

Arena(s) may be rented for your event or gathering:
examples: Concerts, Festivals, Freestyle Moto-x, Tuff Trucks, Pow Wow, Flat Track Motorcycles, Monster Trucks, Horse Shows, Dog Shows, Horse Sales, Team Penning, Cutting Horse Show, Barrel Shows or most any other event you are going to have.
Our Outdoor Arena is a large fenced in facility with covered and open seating, stage, announcer stand, ticket booths, modern restroom facility with showers and a large concession area. Outdoor arena can be set-up to fit your needs with concrete barriers, rodeo chutes, divided with panels or left as an open area.
Our 125' x 225' Indoor Arena is a closed in facility with seating and announcer stand. Access to modern restroom facility with showers. Cattle Pens and Over 250 stalls available.